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Your friendly Costello’s Ace has a great selection of energy efficient lighting products to illuminate your home or office. We can help you whether you just need to replace a common lightbulb, or you need to light up your yard.

Whatever your lighting needs may be, we have what you need at a price you’ll love. Visit our store today and talk to our lighting specialists who will guide you to the perfect lighting product for your needs.

Here are just a few things we offer in our lighting department:
– LED Light Bulbs
– Incandescent Light Bulbs
– CFL Light Bulbs
– Quartz / Halogen
– Fluorescent Tubes
– HID / Security Light Bulbs
– Light Bulb Changers
– Flashlights and lanterns
– Light bulbs
– Lighting fixtures
– Work lights

We carry a large assortment of bulbs for all of your needs.

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