Weber Grills

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Are you shopping for a new Weber grill?

With an impressive selection of the finest grills and authentic Weber grill parts, Ace is the place to find an amazing Weber to fit your grilling needs.

Since 1952, the Weber name has been recognized for excellence. Weber grills are revered for a high level of craftsmanship and durability—the perfect solution for a memorable backyard barbeque. Costello’s Ace is pleased to offer an incredible selection of quality grills, parts and accessories.

With some of the most innovative grills available, you’re sure to find the one model, color and price to fit your needs. Costello’s Ace even carries the premium line of Weber Genesis® II grills not found in the big box stores. Each premium series grill is characterized by strength, durability and easy-to care for stainless steel rod cooking grates, plus flavorizer bars.

From classic charcoal grills, like the One-Touch® Kettle to state-of-the art grilling technology like the Summit®, Weber grills deliver a variety of cooking features and options for grill enthusiasts at every level. If you happen to own a Weber, be sure to check out Costello’s Ace for the newest grilling accessories, reliable Weber grill covers and durable parts to keep you grill in perfect grilling condition.

Weber Offers a Grill for Everyone
Whether you’re into Gas, Charcoal, or Electric, Weber has a grill for every need!
To us, grilling is much more than cooking outside – it’s a lifestyle. From the self-proclaimed grill master to the first time grill amateur and everyone in between, we have got you covered. Choose from our impressive selection—gas, charcoal and electric.

Our dedication to satisfying our customers begins with a promise. We promise that every Weber grill we sell is top of the line and built to last. Impeccable quality, high performance and excellence is built into every one. And, this commitment continues even after the grill arrives in your backyard.

Gas Grills
What can a gas grill bring to your life? How about last minute get-togethers, lazy summer days and excellent food, whether it’s a peaceful Sunday or a busy Monday. When the kids want burgers and the guys crave steak, a Weber gas grill is always ready with a simple push of the button.

Charcoal Grills
When nothing short of an authentic grill experience will do, nothing compares to the robust flavor of a charcoal grill. Even the ambience is memorable, with crackling and popping of charcoal embers filling the air. With easy temperature control, it’s possible to focus on the process, for a grilled culinary masterpiece.

Electric Grills
Who says you need to have open flame to grill with friends? A rooftop barbeque, small apartment patio or limited time can’t stop you from enjoying some fun and letting loose after a busy day in the office. Plug and play makes the electric grill extraordinarily accessible—the key to a spontaneous grill out no matter where you live.

Portable Grills
If you need to travel, why not do it with the taste of home by your side? Business trips, vacations, or just a romp through unfamiliar territory is always better with the sweet taste of BBQ—a simple guarantee that wherever you are, the food will be amazing.

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