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Safe Business Start Up Supplies

Costello's Ace has been working to source various high demand products that may be on your list to have available for use before you safely start up your business again. Availability of the products fluctuates so please be sure to reach out and let us assist you in putting together an order for these and other materials that you may need.

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1-Pk. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

  • 1.5 inch LED HD.
  • High definition large screen
  • Comfortable silicone pads.
  • Switchable display direction, brightness, pulse rate alarm limits, SpO2 alarm limits, sound on/off.
Fingertip Oximeter

1-Pk. No Contact Infrared Thermometer

  • Measures temperature in .5 seconds.
  • Measures body, water, room, liquid temperature.
  • Fever alarm.
  • Backlight on/off key.
  • Sound switch key.
  • VIA66
No Contact Infrared Thermometer

KN95 Respirator Masks

  • Filters 95% of Airborne Particles.
  • NAFY brand.
  • Skin friendly and soft on the face.
  • Professional/Bacteria Filter/Breathable/Dust Proof.
  • Available In: 1 Ct. (LKN95), 5 Ct. (GR26044), 10 Ct. (ODKN9510)
KN95 Mask

3-Ply Disposable Masks

  • 3 layer mask
  • Breathable inner and outer non-woven fabric
  • Elastic ear hooks
  • Mouth and nose protection
  • For general use (NOT graded for Medical use)
  • Available In: 25 Ct. (MASK25), 50 Ct. (MASK)
3-Ply Mask

Hand Sanitizer

  • Contains 75% alcohol.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs on contact.
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe.
  • Come in an easy-to-dispense pump or squeeze bottle.
  • Available In: 1.7 Oz. (VI30420), 10 Oz. (VIRX002), 16.9 Oz (VI328920), 33 Oz (VIRX004)
16.9 Oz Hand Sanitizer 

80 Ct. Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes

  • Contains alcohol.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs on contact.
  • VIRX005
Sanitizing Wipes

1 Gal. Pulverize Spray Hand Sanitizer

  • 80% alcohol.
1 Gal. Spray Sanitizer

32 Oz. Pulverize Spray Hand Sanitizer

  • Trigger bottle.
  • 80% alcohol.
  • PZSAN32
32 Oz Spray Sanitizer