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It’s amazing how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can revitalize and update your home. At Costello’s Ace Hardware, we can help you get the right supplies to give you that stunning “before and after” that you are looking for. We carry top brands such as Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and Clark+Kensington.

In 2017 we introduced The Extra Mile Promise (Link to What does that mean? It means we’ll help you get everything you need for your paint project in one trip. If it takes more than one trip to complete your project, we’ll deliver whatever you need for FREE.

When painting a room, preparation is almost more important than the actual act of painting. Setting yourself up properly with the must-haves in painting accessories will help ensure the outcome is the one you desire. The surface needs to be finished properly by taking the time to repair small holes in the walls, filling in big and little cracks where they occur – most commonly around doors and windows. Then, smoothing down any rough spots and using painting tape to allow for crisp, clean edges where walls meet, around woodwork like window and door frames, and protecting floor surfaces.

Then, of course, when you are ready to apply the paint, you’ll need the right tools to make sure it spreads evenly and covers well. We can help you determine the right number of paint trays, brushes and rollers for the job whether it is just you working on the rooms or a larger group. There are also tools that we can suggest that will help speed up the application of your paint, and step ladders to help you get to those hard to reach spots. For more helpful advice to get you through the process, please visit our Paint Tips section or check out your local Costello’s Ace.

Painting a room doesn’t end with the final brush stroke. Always remember to care for your tools by washing painting equipment with soap and water. With proper care, your tools will last longer and you can use them for more jobs around the house, saving you time and money.

Here are just a few things you’ll find in our paint department:
– Paint Removal
– Brushes and rollers
– Caulking and sealant
– Interior Paint
– Interior Primer
– Interior Stain
– Exterior Paint
– Exterior Primer
– Spray paint
– Wall patch and repair items
– Putty knives, scrapers and sanding
– Equipment, applicators and supplies
– Glues, adhesives and tapes
– Ladders

Visit the paint Studio at Costello’s Ace! Here you will find everything you need from top brands like Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Clark & Kensington, Cabot, and so much more.

Not Available In: Benjamin Moore® paint is not available in Baldwin, Melville, Rocky Point, and Caldwell, NJ.

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